7thIranian Joint Cardiovascular Congress

Nooredin Mohammadi

Dr Nooredin Mohammadi is former Associate Professor of Critical Care Nursing at Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Iran University of Medical Sciences, former Lecturer of Nursing at Nursing and Midwifery School, Flinders University, Founder and President of the Iranian Society of Phenomenology in Health Silences, Research Council Member of Nursing Care Research Centre, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Client-Centred Nursing Care. Dr Mohammadi graduated from Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Iran University of Medical Sciences in 1986 and completed his PhD course in 2008 from the University of Adelaide, Australia. He serves on the editorial boards of numerous professional health science journals and is a sought after lecturer for issues related to critical care nursing, research methodologies, multicultural nursing and phenomenological studies. 

Research led by Dr Nooredin Mohammadi include critical care nursing, multicultural nursing, phenomenological studies in health sciences nationally and internationally. He has also supervised over 50 post-graduate degree (PhD/Master) students and authored or co-authored more than 70 published papers and numerous book chapters on topics including mechanical ventilation. He has a passion for readdressing inequalities in global healthcare delivery with a focus on developing humanistic approach.



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7th Iranian Joint Cardiovascular Congress