7thIranian Joint Cardiovascular Congress

Abdelmalek Bouzid, MD

Last Name:              Bouzid
First Name:              Abdelmalek
Date of birth:          January 1st, 1970 
 •1995 Doctor in Medicine at Setif University.
• 1996-2002 Residency in cardiovascular surgery at Constantine cardiovascular surgery center.
• 2002 Graduated in cardiovascular surgery.
• 2003-2013 Professor Assistant in cardiovascular surgery at Algiers (2003-2008) and Oran University (2008-2013).
• 2013 PhD in cardiovascular surgery obtained at Algiers University (conservation of the sub-valvular apparatus in mitral valve surgery in rheumatic disease).
• 2014 Associate Professor in Cardiac surgery 
• Head of coronary surgery unit in May 2014 to /2017.
• Head of cardiovascular surgery department at the EHS “Dr Djeghri Mokhtar” University of Constantine 3, since 2017.
Head of research project on rheumatic heart disease since 2016.
Vice president of the scientific council of the National Agency for Research in Sciences of Health since June 2017.
Head of research team in the Research Laboratory on Metabolic and genetics in cardiovascular diseases at the University of Setif1 since 2017.
Member of the societies: European Association of cardio-thoracic surgery, Pan African society cardio-thoracic surgery.
Active in promoting south-south cooperation in cardio-vascular surgery

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زمان درج : ۱۰:۳۴
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7th Iranian Joint Cardiovascular Congress