7thIranian Joint Cardiovascular Congress


In The Name of God

Dear esteemed colleagues and distinguished guests

We are honored to invite and welcome you to Tehran, for the 7th Iranian Joint Cardiovascular  Congress (IJCC), to be held 27th  Feb -1st March 2019.

This year’s congress seeks to provide an overview of the latest research and developments in diagnosis, prevention, and management in the field of cardiovascular disease — particularly in coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease, and congenital heart disease.

Similar to the previous six  IJCC, most of the Iranian cardiovascular associations and societies combine their annual meetings ( 13th Congress of The Iranian Society of Cardiac Surgeons, 24th Congress of The Iranian Heart Association,12th Congress of The Iranian Society of Cardiac Anesthesia, 7th Iranian Scientific Association of Interventional Cardiology,7th Iranian Society of Pediatric Cardiology,11th Congress of The Iranian Society of Echocardiography, 2end  Congress of The Iranian Society Of Heart Failure  , 2end Congress of The Iranian Heart Rhythm Society, 7th Congress of Iranian Cardiac Nurses Society, 11th Congress of Iranian Society of Extracorporeal Technology , 1st Congress of Iranian Scientific Society of Extracorporeal Technology and 11th Congress of Iranian Physical Therapy Association in Cardiopulmonary Branch ) to produce the upcoming grand gathering of the luminaries of cardiovascular medicine. It is deserving of note that last year’s event played host to over 3000 participants.  

This year’s congress boasts the participation of many distinguished specialists, who have joined our national faculty. Peer-reviewed presentations will take the form of plenary sessions, symposia, and poster sessions. Moreover, state-of-the-art presentations in panel sessions, meet-the-experts sessions, and open discussions have been meticulously planned to provide optimal benefit to the participants. 

We are certain that you will benefit and enjoy this great event with your colleagues across the world, and we hope that you will have a truly memorable time in the beautiful and historic city of Tehran.


MohammadAli Yousefnia, MD
President of the Congress
Esmaeil Asdagh Pour, MD
Executive Secretary of The Congress
Saeid Hosseini, MD
Scientific Secretary of The Congress



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7th Iranian Joint Cardiovascular Congress